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Try-before-you-buy concept for home buyers

Try before you buy is a concept we’re all familiar with when choosing a car or finding a new outfit. But could it work for property?

A new online platform is aiming to give potential home buyers the chance to stay in a property before they commit to buying it.

Potential Pads will arrange for a buyer to “test-drive” the property to ensure they like it enough to go through with a purchase.

Staying overnight or for a weekend lets them check out the fixtures and fittings, scope out the neighbours, neighbourhood and schools and find out any pros and cons of the home itself.

Test-drive potential new home

The Daily Mail reports that Potential Pads works like a property-selling AirBnB, bringing together the sellers of high-value properties and those in the market for such a home.

Lynne Maplanka is the founder and director of Potential Pads. She told the Mail: “I thought to myself ‘if home buyers can pay to stay in a hotel, why wouldn’t they pay to test drive their future home?’.

“It is a platform that helps weed out the time-wasters and is an incentive that speeds up the selling process of a property, all the while making money for the seller before the property has to be sold.”

Future of property selling

She added: “We try on a dress before we buy it, test drive a car and even get to sample wine before purchasing the whole bottle at a restaurant.

“So why not try before you buy that future property? Most individuals will be parting with a lot of money.

“The concept may not be ideal for everyone, but we hope it will be the future of buying and selling property.”

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