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We work with a panel of over 200 expert conveyancing solicitors who are experienced in buying and selling residential and commercial property in London and around England and Wales.

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Buying a Property in London:

So you’re buying a property in London? Congratulations! At Capital Conveyancing we’ll take care of all the tedious paperwork involved in your London conveyancing, so you can focus on packing and planning for the big move.

You’ll no doubt be eager to move in as quick as you can, so we’ll ensure you’re matched to an expert conveyancing solicitor who will provide a fast and thorough transaction. We’ll keep you informed along the way and make sure you fully understand the process – no legal jargon here!

Selling a Property in London:

If you’re selling a property in London, it’s understandable that you’ll want to find a buyer as quickly as possible and get the transaction over with no hiccups. Leave it all to us and we’ll work towards getting your property sold and exchanged before you can even think the phrase ‘broken chain’.

Our panel of expert conveyancing solicitors will ensure that everything on your end is done fast and to a high standard, with complete transparency on prices and procedures, so all you need is a buyer with as good a conveyancer as you to ensure a speedy and successful sale.

Use our 1 Minute Quick Quote service now for a Fixed-Fee Conveyancing Quote on your London property and relax knowing you're in safe and experienced hands.

Residential Conveyancing:

Whether you’re a first time buyer or fifteenth, moving home is always a big deal. Our panel of solicitors have all been where you are now and understand the need for quick and comprehensive conveyancing, without all the complicated legal jargon.

At Capital Conveyancing, all the conveyancing solicitors we work with are experienced in all London conveyancing issues, and offer a specialist service tailored to meet your individual needs.

We’ll keep you updated along the way and answer any questions when they arise. We know how important moving home is and want to make the process of conveyancing as stress free as possible.

Commercial Conveyancing:

Buying and selling commercial property can be confusing, it’s also hugely important to the success of your business. We want your business to prosper as much as you do so we aim to relieve as much of the stress of commercial conveyancing as we can.

While commercial property conveyancing can very different to residential conveyancing, the same processes apply. Our expert commercial property conveyancers will attend to searches, contracts and leases with careful consideration, keeping you updated from start to finish.

Whether you’re buying, selling or leasing, we’ll match you to an experienced and specialist commercial property solicitor who will answer any questions you may have, so you can get back to business.

Fixed Fee Conveyancing

Once we’ve given you a quote, our fees don’t change. There’s no hidden extras or scary final bills – what you see is what you get.

Search Plus Protect

Our free insurance policy, Search Plus Protect, ensures that if your sale or purchase falls through, you can get your conveyancing done on the next place for free, saving you hundreds of pounds.

Get a Quick Quote on your Conveyancing Today

Someone will get back to you within minutes and match you with a specialist solicitor who will start the conveyancing process immediately.