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Homebuyers Warned Not to Forget a Planning Search Report

Homebuyers Warned Not to Forget a Planning Search Report

A Planning Search Report is vital for a safe house purchase. This essential report tells homebuyers if there are any planned developments due to be built in the vicinity of your new home, as well as the locations of any phone or electricity masts, radon gas and other important data all highlighted alongside a high resolution aerial photograph of the area for your reassurance.

What does a Planning Search Report contain?

  • Information on any residential or commercial planning applications within 250m
  • Detailed planning project descriptions and application status information
  • Locations of nearby telecommunication masts and mobile transmitters data
  • Locations of electricity pylons and overhead transmission lines
  • Local authority information including tax banding, costs and contact details
  • Information of any nearby radon gas and suggestions for radon protective measures

How can a Planning Search Report benefit homeowners?

  • Prevents buyers from being disappointed about future close proximity developments
  • Helps reveal the potential for future home extensions
  • Helps to understand the restrictions that could limit development and property equity growth
  • Sellers can provide information to buyers and can rest assured that all questions are answered properly

Why choose Capital Conveyancing’s Planning Search Report?

The usual basic local searches don’t analyse full planning histories, land use changes and neighbourhood insight, which could have a negative impact on the future valuation of your property.

Our Planning Search Report is seen as the most accurate and complete commercially available Planning Search Report on the market and it is recognised as the most comprehensive data of its kind, used by both the Ordnance Survey Change Intelligence Unit and the Planning Portal.

Is the report included in disbursements?

A planning report is usually included in your property searches, also known as “disbursements”. Your solicitor will apply for these on your behalf but you can specify to include a Planning Search Report if your solicitor has not encouraged you to do so. Capital Conveyancing includes a Planning Search Report in every standard searches package.

Why should I get a Planning Search Report?

It’s important to get a Planning Search Report done if you are planning to extend your new property at any point in the future as this may have certain restrictions due to the surrounding area or council rulings.

Even if you aren’t planning on extending, it’s important to get the report done to find out if your property will be negatively impacted by nearby developments, telecommunication and electricity masts or radon gas.

How do I get the Planning Search Report?

Just ask your solicitor to include the Planning Search Report in your searches pack. If you decide to use one of Capital Conveyancing’s expert solicitors, the report will be automatically included in your disbursements as part of your initial quote.

Call Capital Conveyancing today on 0207 4065880 for a free quote on your conveyancing, which will include a detailed Planning Search Report.

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