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Forecast of record rainfall every winter makes Residential Flood Search priority for home buyers

Flooded streets such as this one in York in December 2015 are becoming a more common sight in the UK

Flooded streets such as this one in York in December 2015 are becoming a more common sight in the UK

The grim sight of homes and communities destroyed by flood waters has sadly become all-too familiar in the UK in recent years. The severe storms of 2013-14 and 2015 caused destruction across the country and caused billions of pounds worth of damage, along with untold upset for families who lost everything.

Now the Met Office is predicting record rainfall could strike every winter from now on, putting the entire country on high alert.

Its researchers have suggested there is an increased risk of “unprecedented” winter storms of the type that ravaged parts of England and Wales in recent years. There is now a one in three chance of record monthly rainfalls in at least one part of the UK every winter.

Using a supercomputer to model future weather events, the team from the Met Office suggests there is a 7 percent risk of record monthly rain in the south-east of England, rising to 34 percent when the rest of England and Wales is taken into account.

Risk of flash flood not confined to winter

As the events of early July in the Cornish village of Coverack showed, the risk of flash flooding is not confined to winter. When a summer storm hit the region, some residents had to be airlifted to safety by helicopter as torrents of water raced through the village.

It’s obvious from these recent extreme weather events that it is not only those areas of the country that are consistently flooded during heavy rain that are at risk; few places can now consider themselves safe.

That means those looking to buy a home have to consider seriously the risk of flooding when choosing where to live. Mortgage lenders demand that any property they lend on be covered by buildings insurance that includes flood risk. If you can’t insure a house, you will not be successful in securing a mortgage.

Extensive detail from environmental search

A Residential Flood Search, instructed by your solicitor or conveyancer, is one of the environmental searches that can provide extensive information about surface water, ground water and other flood risks around your intended purchase.

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